Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Dance

I got a fat envelope as they say in the juried quilt show world today.   It was from the International Quilt Festival for their O'Canada exhibit that starts in Chicago and goes to Houston!
It was for my quilt 'Rockin The Rainbow'.

I have been making great progress on my undie quilt too.  I have machine appliqued around all the little undies now.  And look at those adorable embellishments at the top of each underwear!! So stinking cute.

This button trim I got when I was in Utah and only bought 2 metres, ok, yards down there.  I should have bought all they had, it is so fun.

All the rest of my embellishments are from Riley Blake fabrics.   They really do have that many different kinds of embellishments!

This one just cracks me up.

Who wouldn't want to have roses on their waist band?  If you don't have them on your dining room table, put them on your underwear!

Have a great weekend=)


Eileen said...

How fun to see those polka dots in your rainbow quilt. Congrats.

Gene Black said...

Congrats on Rockin' the Rainbow! Bring home the gold!

Helen said...

Your Rockin The Rainbow is gorgeous. It has such happy colors. Plus your Undies is a Hoot. Congratulations!

Susan Barker said...

Love that button trim! I think i will copy the idea and make some!
Congrats on your quilt going traveling!

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm doing the happy dance, for you. I might even decorate my undies in celebration. Congrats and Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

Rolanda said...

The undies are too cute. Congrats on the quilt entry.

CraftyViolet said...

Congratulations! That's one place none of my quilts will be seen!!!!

Love your undies quilt! So darn cute.