Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finishing and Starting

Woohoo!  I finished up my wearable for the Canadian Quilters' Association Trend-Tex Challenge.  
It is our annual fundraiser, our only fundraiser and it helps us with operational costs.   This was under my duties this year as VP.   The theme was 'Modern Ways' and we added in a wearable category along with the quilt category.

Above is the front, and there are 3 pockets inside and it is lined.  Below is the back.   I even went all out and padded the strap so it is ultra comfortable.   

In case you didn't know (and the pics above gave no hints), I have an obsession with circles and dots.   My dear friend MT showed up at our guild meeting last month and plunked a bag of fabric down and told me it was to help my addiction.

Guess what was inside?  Hundreds of these precut colourful circles.

Does anyone have any super ideas about what I can do with them, and please do not say hand applique anything=)

During all the circle excitement, I started another project.

Our President's Challenge at my guild is a black and white quilt.   I designed a quilt on my sketch pad, made a few notes and got underway.  You can see all my black and white, with a sneak of grey in there, of fabric.   

I then pieced them together in groups of twos.   Did you notice that I added a few bits of colour to wake you up.   

I have to sew them into rows and then join them all.  But it is still not done, then comes the crazy part.

Stay tuned!


Gene Black said...

My guess is that there is no fusible on the backs of these circles. thus I have no clue how to use them well.

Kat said...

What a great bag! Didn't know there was Irish in your history.

Mary Ann said...

Since you haven't sewn the quilt top together, take out the bright squares and put in some more of the original squares and then when all sewn together add some of those bright circles and machine applique them.............

Jo Ferguson said...

Your bag turned out beautifully. Maybe you could some of those circles to make 3d embellishments. As for your black and white challenge, it wouldn't be a quilt by you, without a pop of colour. Love it.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

It would be great to make some 3-D flowers with the circles, then use them as embellishments.

Rolanda said...

Use the circles for Yo-yos? Love your bag.

jlk said...

How big are the circles? You could make rice bags that can go either in the freezer for boo-boos, or in the microwave for when you need a hot pack.

Jacque said...

Wow, lots of good ideas up there! I'm so excited to see your design...looks kinda like the latest quilt my hubby designed with me. I hope to make it for our middle son. :)