Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mixing It Up - Crochet and Quilt

A friend of mine has been teaching me to crochet, albeit I am not very good, yet am still trying.  She can whip up bags like nothing, so I did a bit of bartering with her.   I put in two fabric linings in two of her bags,  and in return got a hot pink purse all to myself!

This is what she gave me, isn't that a perfect purse size and scrumptious colour?

But for me to use it, you just know it has to have a little bling right?  Out comes the button collection=)

I thought it would be nice if I lined the inside, and while doing so added a few pockets.

Now I just need a strap...what to use, what to use?   I decided to raid my tie stash and found a tie that matched all the colours on the front of it.   

And that is how I take a purse and bling it up to make it mine!

Next post is a modern stay tuned!


Rolanda said...

Too cute

Judith said...

Clever you. Very sweet

Kat said...

That is so great! :0)

Jacque said...

I love how you made it your own! Fabulous!

Eileen said...

That pocketed lining will make the purse more convenient to use. I just made a bag with one pocket. Sure wish it had more.