Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fabric for Life Contest

How does this sound?   I get an email from a legit business and a man I have dealt with before and he tells  me about this 'Fabric for Life' contest and perhaps I could share it!

image courtesy of Keepsake Quilting

Yes, I do want to share it with all of you....how amazing would it be to win?   The details are you get  52 yards of fabric, your choice for 20 years!   Um, that is so much better than, well, anything.  

I should mention, that I don't get anything for spreading the word, I just think it is a really cool contest.

Here is where you go and enter.

If one of you wins, you have to tell us, so we can have a super big blog party!!!   Fingers crossed for all of you=)


Judy Cooper Textile Images said...

Thanks for posting. I just blogged about the contest too!

Rolanda said...

I saw that contest but thanks for the reminder. I need more fabric ;)