Wednesday, October 23, 2013


There are days when surprises come and make me happy!   This is one of them.

I picked up my mail and inside was the Martingale Publishing flyer that showcases the new books coming out in the next six months.

I was especially interested in this.   I did a quick look in the Table of Contents and zoomed to p. 11.   There was the book I was looking for 'Kitchen Stitches'.  

You know where this is leading right?   I have 2 projects in this book!   Imagine my surprise when I looked at their description and photos and on the bottom left is one of my projects.  See those little coasters?  Those are mine!  

I am so excited to actually have the book in my hand in January 2014, I can barely wait!   I can't show you the second project until the book arrives.

I am quilting too.   Up on my design wall I have one quilt that I have pinned tight and have lightly sprayed with water.  I am hoping that will straighten it out so I don't have to try and find somewhere to lay it out on the floor.  With 2 boys and a dog, that is tricky=)

While in Utah, I raided Amanda's studio, she is the ultimate fabric designer for Riley Blake Fabrics and goes under the name 'The Quilted Fish'.  She has a new line coming out called 'Twice as Nice' and it is super adorable.  I grabbed a bunch of the fabric and  made a fun placemat with it.   No quilt of mine can go unembellished.   Notice the giant red ricrac?

I am off to look at the Martingale flyer again...ok, mostly stare at p. 11 in awe=)


Cheryl said...

It's so awesome to see how far you have come! Congratulations!!!!

Rolanda said...

Jeeze are everywhere. Wonderful and congrats. I love the little trucks. That is so cute and with boys...they will love it.

Gill said...

Congratulations Jackie! said...


KathyK said...

love love love your talent, way to go