Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Am On A Roll

I am finally back in my studio creating.   I have about 3 projects on the go, but currently on my design wall is a multitude of colour!  And I am just loving it.
It started with this fantastic medley of colour.... can I just point out again how much I love circles and dots?

I could stare at this picture all day.  Seriously, it is that perfect.  Now I am only showing you a little,  tiny bit of the blocks I am working on... but you get the picture right?

I also am playing with hexies... in dots!   

I couldn't go to market this fall, so the wonderful people at Martingale Publishing sent me my author badge anyway!  How darling are they?   I may just wear it to the grocery store, I am so darn thrilled to be in one of their books!   

The book should be arriving on my doorstep very soon... and i will have some giveaways!

The winners from Houston Festival are up.  Check it out.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love all your dots!

Gene Black said...

You should check with local quilt/fabric shops and offer to do signings! Then you would have a reason to wear your badge.