Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Madhuri Mini Modern Madness -Lots of Tutorials

Not too long ago, Candice was chatting with the design team of the infamous Amanda Herring's of The Quilted Fish and wanted to do a mini modern quilt exchange.   One thing led to another and we all did a mini modern quilt using Amanda's new fabric line Madhuri, and they went to Quilt Market with Amanda.

Now we each have put together a tutorial for our quilts and I encourage you to check out them all.  They are so stinkin' cute.

There is no doubt mine is the simplest of the group.   There is a reason for that.   Maybe you can guess, and if not, I will tell you in a bit=)

My little tutorial is easy.   
You will need a 24" x 24" piece of white fabric and 4-6 pieces of Madhuri fabric - any size will do, ie. 5" squares, plus backing and batting.  Your choice of fusible product is also required.

Apply fusing to the wrong side of the Madhuri prints.   Cut out the prints in 1" strips.   
Lay over the white fabric in a pleasing combination.   Once arranged, fuse down.

Pin the batting and backing to quilt top.
Take a piece of painters masking tape and using a ruler, pick a spot in the middle of the quilt and lay the tape down right beside the ruler.  
Now do a straight stitch right beside the tape line.   This will ensure that you have straight lines throughout your quilt.   Continue on and repeat if you want horizontal lines.   I did vertical lines equally spaced apart through the whole quilt and then did sections of horizontal lines.

Bind when done.
Simple yet kinda cute=)

Now go and check out the other mini modern quilts!

Sally's is here, and guaranteed she will boost your spirits.

Candice has an adorable one here.

Jana got hers done with a newborn by her side.

Stephanie's attracted a whole lot of attention.

Brooke was sweet and took pics of all our quilts at market.


Brooke Sellmann said...

I love your project!!!

Thanks so much for the love too!

ritainalaska said...

love your project; the quilting sure pops!

Gill said...

Simple but oh so effective! I love it!!

sandra said...

Very lovely Jackie and so easy to make . I do really like the simplicity of it.

Lisa Lisa said...

Absolutely love the simplicity of your mini quilt! I think I might switch to minis for a while just to take a break from my larger quilts, and this one will definitely be on my list :)

What Comes Next? said...

cute cute cute! Simple is always good! Hey - got my Quilting Arts today - I know her!!!

Rosa said...

Es muy sensillo pero me encanta porque a pesar de ser sencillo capta tú atención.

Kat said...

Fused! LOL guess i'm the crazy one as i'da pieced it. Looks terrific!

Rolanda said...

Very interesting...

Mama Pea said...

You had a good reason for our simple design, and that you could pull off two just amazed me!