Monday, April 8, 2013

Selvage or Selvedge, either way I have succumbed and a few winners

You know how it is always nice to spel words properly when other people will be reading your stuff?   (ok, I tricked you I totally misspelled the word 'spell'=)
Anyhoo....  I know that is not a word, but it seemed fitting.  Wow, I am really digressing this morning, that is what happens when I don't have my jumbo cup of coffee!  Remember how I forgot to show you what a normal cup looks like compared to my new BIG cup?  I took a pic so you could see.  I do still like my little cup because it has dots on it!

My post today is about selvages, or selvedges.   When I looked up the spelling, it said that 'selvage' is the US English version and 'selvedge' is the British English.   Hello, where is the Canadian English version of the word?   I thought this might be a good time to create one for all fellow Canadians.  How about we spell it 'selvej'?   Just as it sounds.   I am pretty sure Webster's Dictionary people are going to be calling me shortly as I have just created a new word for Canada.

Oh my goodness I really need to focus.   I decided to work on the latest challenge of Quilting Arts magazine... mostly because I felt like being humbled again by another rejection from them.
The theme for this one is 'Passages'.   I considered doing a quilt with this question written across, 'Why do you keep passing me by?' but figured that may not be the best way to get into their magazine.  

That is when I thought of my funky Riley Blake selvejs  (selvedges, in case you just started reading here).
Now I have to turn this into something eye catching, but first I need to fill up my coffee cup!

Here are the winners of the book giveaway and pins:
Cecilia won the book-lucky girl!
J, Jennifer and Janet all won pins.   Congrats ladies.


greelyrita said...

Mitering (spelled the Canadian way?) is always eye-catching. :) You could do a mitered (that looks wrong, doesn't it?) border with selvejes (eek!)

On the topic of digressing, have you noticed that if your right hand is one key to the right of where it should be, typing "ing" turns into "OMG"? ha ha

Cecilia said...

Thanks! I can't wait to read the book. I always have a hard time remembering which way to spell selvage, but I'm collecting them to make something one day.

CraftyViolet said...

I didn't realize there were two spellings of salvedge either...but then again, I never gave it much thought - I just cut them off and toss them. Maybe I should start saving them though. I was going to enter someting in Quilting Arts once but never did and now I'm glad. If they turn your entry down, I wouldn't stand a chance. Silly people, turning you down!

Mama Pea said...

I have started collecting selvejs too. I have yet to use them, however. One of these days!