Sunday, December 16, 2012

Free Log Cabin Quilt ebook

I received an email last week from Fons and Porter asking if I would be interested in doing a book review on their Log Cabin Quilt ebook.   I have done reviews before and one thing I do tell them is that I will be honest.   If I don't like something, I will be polite about it, but I will let the readers know that it didn't turn my crank.   
So I accepted the offer and was sent a 24 page book on log cabin quilts.   I have done the log cabin block before, but not being a traditional quilter, never really knew what to do with it and never knew how to put it together into a quilt that would make it pop by my standards!   

I was in for a very pleasant surprise.   This ebook  gives some fantastic examples.   They start by breaking  the ebook down into three categories, traditional, courthouse steps and chevron.  Can you guess which one I zoomed to?   Yessir, chevron here I come!
Fat Quarter Quilting Patterns
The ebook is very well put together.   They provide excellent instructions and cutting charts for you to follow, and they are simple!    If you have never done a log cabin quilt, this book is not intimidating in the least.   And if you have whipped through some log cabin quilts, guaranteed you will find something that catches your eye.  
Free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns
The little extras they put into the book are just wonderful.  For example it describes thoroughly how to bind with piping, and how to bind the 'lumpless way'.   

Free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

I highly recommend this book as a wonderful addition to your quilt book collection.   And best of all is they are offering it to you free!  Thank you Fons and Porter.

All images courtesy of Fons and Porter website.

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