Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winner of Giveaway

Yikes, I am 2 days late in announcing the giveaway winner of the fat quarter bundle... 12 fat quarters go to....

Blogger sbsudbury said...
Can't wait to try out this tutorial!!!
Thanks so much Jackie, I really appreciate your generosity in sharing these types of tutorials and the bonus of a giveaway WOW.

I do have a good excuse to my tardiness.   I was on a five day, out of town excursion  for meetings with some fabulous Canadian quilters!   We had a pile of fun and accomplished a ton of stuff.   On our last night we headed to Niagara Falls.

Now I do have to tell you about all that mist off the lake. Even though it looks pretty, we got soaked to the bone in about 30 seconds.   We looked like drowned rats, but we were smiling and laughing wet rats!


Snoodles said...

LOL You won't show us the picture of the laughing, soaking wet rats, huh? Heehee!
Congrats to the winner!

Mama Pea said...

Niagra Falls is cool. I haven't seen it at night. Thanks for sharing.