Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Top Is Done

I finished the top of my latest art quilt.   I almost wonder if I could say it is modern?   It does have hand stitching on it and I some say that modern is all machine work.   I also just read on a publishing blog that there may be a new trend of modern work with applique.   We will have to see what transpires in the quilting world next year.

My design wall is not quite big enough to host this quilt.   I put a small border around the whole quilt using the same fabric that borders each of my hand stitched felted work.   Now onto the pinning and finally the quilting!

If you want to be see two great quilt shows on your computer check out this fabulous blog to get the links=)


jlk said...

That looks fabulous. You are awesome.

Regina said...

Very nice quilt. As for the definition of modern or not: I read that all quilts made today are modern....I've decided to go with traditional or non-traditional in the hopes that nobody starts putting out their definition of traditional.

Mama Pea said...

It looks awesome! I think it would qualify as modern. It doesn't matter. It's great.

Snoodles said...

That is a stunning quilt, whether it's modern or not....personally I think it says modern when I look at it. (Did you know that your quilt would talk to me, or did you think it would only speak to you? LOL)
Seriously, it is just beautiful - so much color and movement!