Thursday, September 20, 2012

2 WIP's

I am working on 2 new art quilts.   That makes me sound really ambitious and organized doesn't it?  Truth is I have a mental block on this one.
See that bright pink outer border?  Do I leave it blank and fill it with quilting or do I put something in it?   I have pinned some leaves up to try and help me decide.

In the meantime I decided this would be a good opportunity to sew up the background for another art quilt.

If that looks like a map to you, then you are right.   I have printed a map onto fabric and have a very wild 3D embellishment to put on.   I usually quilt my art quilts first before adding the embellishments as they are often too bulky to try and quilt around.   I enjoy that process, as when the embellishments are added, the quilt is already bound and quilted!   Makes me feel like I have skipped a step.   



Terri Hessler said...

I like the leaves in that pink border. Seems kind of plain without and you are NOT plain.

Gene Black said...

I like the idea of something there...but I am not sure of the leaves.. It seems to me to want some green and yellow carried through into it.

Mama Pea said...

I like the leaves. I think it balances out the center! You go, girl!

elle said...

Pull some zig zag into it? Like that map fabric!

Becky said...

I like the leaves in the border!

Danielle Hudson said...

I would leave off the leaves and do some sort of meandering leaf design in the quilting using a contrasting thread. Orange thread would be really pretty against the pink.I'm sure what ever you do will be great! I love the colors:)