Monday, September 5, 2011

Thread Painting and Hand Dyed Fabrics

My mom had this beautiful panel that she wanted to put in our upcoming quilt show.  I offered to thread paint it for her.   I used a similar dark yellow shade for the centre and just carried the lines out further.   For the petals, I went with a brighter hue of pink instead of the burgundy.   I wanted the quilting to stand out a bit more rather than recede into the quilt.    The batting used is a high loft, so you can really see the areas that stand out.

I have a great respect for thread painting, even though it just looks like you get in and fill up  areas with thread, you don't.   You have to try and figure out where to start, how to get from one place to another and where to end.   Otherwise you have stray lines all over the place, no need to ask me how I know this!

Our quilt show is in 13 days and this is my first time volunteering to be on the quilt show committee for our guild.   (Well, it is the first time I have volunteered at a quilt show, but we don't need to mention that to my guild.)   We decided to keep the committee small and do most meetings via email.  So far it has worked.

Our big catch, is that we are bringing the Ground Zero quilt to our little town.   This quilt made by Lois Jarvis was made in memory of 9/11 and has over 700 faces of the deceased victims on it.

It will be coming on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and it is the first time this quilt will  enter Canada.  It has been to 123 places so far.

We are very thrilled to be able to receive such a meaningful tribute to 9/11 for our quilt show.  I would love to invite all of you, but most of you live very very far from me=)

We always have a guild boutique where guild members can sell their quilted items etc.   This year I got super brave and am going to sell my hand dyed fabric.  Well try to anyway.   Here is a shot of some fat quarters I have ready to be bundled.

When I get everything packaged and labelled, I will take another picture.   Each piece of fabric is not a solid shade, I manipulate it so it has alot of texture in it.   So my question to all my dear followers, would you buy any?


Dana Gaffney said...

The fabric is beautiful, I'm sure you'll sell it, I would absolutely buy some.

Brooke said...

You do the most amazing things!!!

SarahVee said...

Fill me in on where and when and maybe we can finally meet! I love your fabric too:) Great thread painting. I admire that technique tremendously and will someday attempt it. Trying it out on a panel *sounds* less intimidating:)

Lynn said...

I would absolutely buy some!

I've seen the Ground Zero quilt in person. It is very interesting from a technical standpoint and very moving on the emotional side.

Jeane said...

I would certainly buy your hand dyed fabrics, they are beautiful.

Anita said...

Yes, I would definitely buy some! Hand dyed fabric is so gorgeous in person and unique. Good luck on the quilt show, I just volunteered this year as well and it's been a nightmare. Some people can't handle "power" positions :)