Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Tutorial and your help is needed!

The design team is at it again!  Jana is up with her uber fab  tutorial.
I have to tell you, Jana has to be one of the funniest people I have ever met.   I mean hilarious.   Go and read a few posts on her blog, and I know you will agree.  This quilt is fast, cute and oh so cuddly.  Read about it here.

Now I am going to need your help... Amanda, our fearless leader of the design team has us in Summer Camp.   She has us making a Glamp!   See awesome photo:
Hardware cover image smaller
Now I admit, this is pretty cool.  She sent me all the hardware and the kit.   When I say 'sent', I mean she mailed the team their Glamp packages.   The rest of the team got theirs.   The Glamp is due August 11th.   Guess what lonely Canadian doesn't have her Glamp package yet?   (I'll give you a hint, I am Canadian)  Did I mention it was due August 11th?

Amanda is having prizes, so if you want to participate you can order a Glamp kit here.

Don't worry if you can't participate, dear sweet Amanda is giving us prizes to give out.

 In the meantime, if you have any crazy ideas how I can totally make my Glamp beautiful via many, many embellishments, please leave a comment.   It would be so appreciated as I only have till August 11th, and don't even have my kit yet.  Have I mentioned that yet?

I guess that would be really embellishing if I had to actually make the whole Glamp including hardware?

 Do you think the team would notice if I mod podged fabric around a balloon and stuck a flashlight up the hole?   I would call it the 'Glampalloon'.  I just know my faithful followers would vote best all around Glamp, wouldn't they?  Well, I bet you would if I promised you fabric=)

There is also the option of just rolling fabric around a candle till it gets really thick and lighting the 'Glampandle'.   Now I may have to just light this in the tub or on a lake.

I could potentially glue squares on the front of my microwave and when I reheat my mashed potatoes, the 'Glamprowave' will light up.  

What about quilting some covers over the headlights on my car and calling it the 'Glampmobile'?

I guess we all better hope I get my package soon, before things get really ridiculous around here.


jlk said...

Fabric on the there's a thought!

Brooke said...

You are in rare form my dear!!!
I am sure that you will have this project well under control here soon!

Linda said...

LOL You're funny!

Mitts said...

I finally had to get myself a US postal address cause everything takes forever to arrive from the USA - thank goodness for me I am so very close to the border. When I was in swaps people couldn't understand why mine was always late! Love the contest idea - a Glamp - cannot wait to see what it is you will do once your kit arrives (if it arrives on time) sigh! Love visiting here, as always I can count on interesting and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Covering the microwave in patchwork....hmmmm...ya know, I WAS trying to figure out how to bring some quilty touches into the kitchen! LOL Love this post - hope your kit comes soon!
Jacque in SC aka Snoodles at Lilypadquilting

SarahVee said...

Jackie thanks for the laugh today! So glad your kit arrived so you don't have to GLAMP your whole house!LOL