Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easy Quick Artsy Coasters

Are you one of those quilters that does your best work then gives it away?  Or you make some fantastic quilt art, but it just hangs there?   And when it comes to practical quilting, such as table runners, you are too busy, creative to make that 'other stuff'?  

I confess, I am all of that, or maybe you will just call me lazy?   I am making a point here, and it is not to make you feel bad about your quilting practices.  

I will tell you a quick story.  I had just finished making a rather large art quilt and decided I really should make myself a cute little mug rug.   So I spent some good time and made a cute one.

 Now my adorable son left his silly putty on it, let me just say, not pretty and even less pretty emerging from the washing machine.   That got tossed. 

I still needed some mug rugs, but with young children around, I didn't want to spend a ton of time, but thought I still deserved something fancy for my every day life of coffee drinking.   (For the record, I do more than drink coffee).

This is what I came up with.   Grab some timtex, or fusible fleece ( I just doubled it), fusible web, and your scraps.   Cut out your timtex the size you want for your coaster.   Add some fusing to the top of it.  
Then cut out your scraps and arrange to make a funky little coaster. 

And you are done!  Okay, you could quilt it, I didn't.  I know these are only going to last for a while and I didn't want to put the time in to quilting it.   Plus, it was realy fun to do something so fast.

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Stray Stitches said...

Great mug rugs! I'm more of the boring, follow the pattern type but I love looking at the more artistic work like yours.

Mama Pea said...

Fun and fast. You hate to invest too much energy into something that's going to get trashed, don't you?

jlk said...

Silly Putty and Playdoh have been banned from my house.