Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giveaway Winner and My New Pouches

I still can hardly believe that in early March when I decided to celebrate my one year of blogging with a challenge of 150 followers, that I actually achieved it.  Thank YOU!  For deciding to follow and for all your lovely comments.  I read each one and as long as there is an email address attached, I try and respond back.  

Without further ado,
The winner for the 5 fat quarters is

Now here are my cute little zippered pouches.   I have 9 of these little guys ready to go.   I used to always stay away from zippers, too hard, too time consuming.  Now I am on etsy ordering more zippers, can't use them enough! 

They just make the bag or pouch that much more versatile, useful and practical.  And honestly, zippers are easy.  

These pouches have the PUL lining, (other than the one shown here). 

PUL is a waterproof material that you find on cloth diapers.   But now that people are finding the different uses of this fabric, it is on so much more.   When I make my reusable snack/lunch bags, it is lined with PUL. 

I have made 8 of these zippered pouches with the PUL lining and am going to make some without.   If you were purchasing one, and the price was the same, would you want one with the PUL lining or some cute fabric lining and why?


Missy said...

I'd like cute fabric lining. I probably would use it as a clutch so the PUL fabric wouldn't be necessary and cute would be sooo much better. :-) Those are awesome!

Kristen said...

Definitely a cute the bags! :)

Brooke said...

Well I guess my response would depend on if the PUL fabric has a print to it or not.
I really, really liked the pouches!! I think that maybe you should open an etsy shop!

Johanna said...

Totally cute!
I am all for fabric because PUL can't be washed and the outside of those pouches sometimes get dirty (like when I spill my orange juice all over my bag :) )
But I know that a lot of people use their pouches to carry around their toiletries so they would def. prefer PUL in case of a shampoo crisis :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting post...never heard of PUL, but the comment above mine addressed a question I was going to ask. If you zip the pouch and toss it in the washer, does that work? I think your choice would depend on the end use...fabric might be nice, but many people rely on these pouches for toiletries, and we all know what can happen then! :)
PS Where do you buy it?
Jacque in SC

jlk said...

I agree with the other commenters -- PUL for toiletries, not PUL for anything else.

Mama Pea said...

I love these pouches! What are the dimensions, and what pattern did you use? I need a pouch for Elsa's markers, and the one I made the other day didn't turn out so well.

I think I'm with everyone else....PUL for toiletries and regular fabric for everything else!

Jackie said...

Great job

Lauren said...

I love the pouches and I guess the PUL would be the choice (if it were the same price) in case I used it and wanted to wash it out. PUL can be washed with hot water, right?