Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Few New Pieces of Clothing

As easy as it is for me to have a fabric stash for quilting, I can't stockpile fabric for clothing.   I have no problem continuing to buy more fabric for 'that someday quilt', but I cannot just keep buying fabric to make clothes.  I have no idea why... it is obviously a serious flaw in my character that doesn't allow my to buy copious amounts of knits and wools and fleece.

When a flyer came this weekend for a great fabric sale on knits next month, I got busy sewing up the fabric I had already purchased so I could justify going and getting more.  

I made 4 pairs of pajama pants, 1 top (not shown) and a cute skirt.  

The pajama/lounge pants are really fun.  Look close, one pair shows bras all over it.   I live in 'cottage country' and we grew up with a camp that had an outhouse, so I have a pair with outhouses all over it.   How cool is that?  The last pair is some fabric my mom gave me, and it is very slippery and slinky, I love that feel.

I have 2 more pieces to use up, but think I will borrow a different pattern(s) and perhaps make a skirt and blouse set.  
Here are the pictures.  Don't you think I can now go and buy some fabric for my spring/summer wardrobe?

My 'brassiere' pants

My 'outhouse' pants

My slinky pants

Wool knit skirt


Linda said...

WOW you have been busy! Lots to wear, L

Mama Pea said...

Yes, you surely can! haha! I LOVE that fabric with the bras all over it. So cute! Do you have a pajama pant pattern you really like a lot?

jlk said...

Anytime you use stash, you should reward yourself by buying more fabric!

C said...

Love, love, love the pajama pants!

Linda H said...

Haha- love the bra pants and the outhouses! What fun!!

Anonymous said...

are the outhouse pj pants in case you can't make it to the bathroom???

Anonymous said...

Ummmm....PINK SLINKY PANTS........didn't we already discuss these???