Monday, November 1, 2010

Still Life

I have joined an art quilt challenge group. 
Each month one of us gets to post a theme and the others are to make a 12 x 12 art quilt representing this theme.  

The first theme was Still Life.  I also decided that this was the perfect opportunity to try all those techniques I don't try on a large art quilt for fear of ruining the quilt.   Having said that, the first picture is my beginning of my project.  The fabric was batik and I discharged it, then fused circles on and did some free motion quilting.  My idea of still life is a photograph of anything, instantly making it a still life moment.  In this case, I seem to be having a thing with circles, water and bubbles so followed that theme. 

Now, I did like the quilt when I was done, but I have always wanted to just take my ruler and rotary cutter and just cut into a finished quilt.... but have never done so.  Who wants to ruin a large quilt?  So I did.  Then I just resewed it back together as best I could and couched some yarn over the seam lines.  

Here are a couple comments from members of the group:
The slashed version is more lively or active, your eye wants to move around it, while the first one is restful.
 your results are very successful after slashing and reconstructing. There is a tension between the visual elements in the final piece that did not occur in your original piece.

What do you think?