Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yesterday I started quilting.   I had forgotten how unpleasant it was to try and get a large quilt under a domestic sewing machine.   I realize that I do need a sewing table that allows the machine to sink into it, so the table is flush with the sewing surface.  
I have chalked out much of the design, and there are several leaves to be quilted, so I have started there.   Then I will go back and fill in all the areas with different thread and designs.   So far my Tutti Frutti 50 wt cotton by WonderFil is working out great.  

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Feltsey said...

I just brought a product at the quilt show in Des Moines that might make your machine quilting a little easier. It is called the "Supreme Slider," and I will post a picture of it (and the other items I picked up in Des Moines) on my Quilt Stories blog tomorrow. It is a Teflon sheet that helps your work slide easily. I tried it out and loved it.