Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Feltwork

I seem to need a break from quilting, I think it's a summer thing. I find myself wanting to try new techniques.

Therefore I decided to explore all the things I want to try but don't.

I made a list of them:

1. polymer clay beads
2. felting
3. paper and fabric beads
4. using a bleach pen on my hand dyed fabric

This is what I am going to do this summer, give this list a whirl. I will see if I like them and can use them in my art quilts.

The last few posts, have been my experimentation with felting. I have included my 2 newest pieces here. I followed Janeville's tutorial to get started.

At the moment, Houston TX and I are not getting along.

I wonder why someone can hire a personal trainer to get into shape, but not hire a personal quilt consultant to get into shows?


Linda said...

What interesting techniques you are trying - you can always go back to regular quilting later. Very artistic!!

Jane LaFazio said...

these have a wonderful organic feel to them. very nice. I love the colors too.