Thursday, July 22, 2010

Clay Beads

Here are the beads I promised. They are made from Sculpey III, a brand of polymer clay. I watched a couple of Youtube videos and decided to try it out.

The beads turned out better than I expected. I was trying to use colours that I didn't really care for, like the mauve. Now I wished I had used some of my favourite colours as I would wear the pendants. I do like the black and white ones.

I think I am going to try and coat them in some type of varnish/gloss/ gel to give them a bit of a shine. Does anyone know what will work on clay?

I didn't have any of the tools they called for, but I found an x-acto knife worked quite well for cutting. I only had an old cutting board to roll the clay out on, but see that I need something much smoother, so will look for some old plexiglass to work on.

Overall, I will use these on my art quilts and will probably end up making some funky bracelets and pendants for wear.

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Linda said...

How interesting. You try a lot of different things Jackie. I like the black and white ones too! L

joven said...

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