Thursday, June 3, 2010

St. Paul's Banner

This is a picture of the 25 year old banner. It is made of felt and the design is great. Over time the sun has done damage to it. Although I took the picture in a darker room so it doesn't show the fading as much. There is wear and tear as well, but that is hard to see too.

This is my art banner. It is slightly larger than the old one. I drew everything out, which is no easy task for me as I am drawing challenged. It is darker than the picture shows. The ends of the ribbon have ric rac to imitate the tassles. I couldn't resist adding the gold lace to the outside!
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Linda said...

That looks lovely, and will be a welcome addition to our church. You have captured the essence of the old one and added to it. Brava!

Judy Martin said...

Very lovely, Jackie.

It has a spiritual feeling to it.

Please come to the Manitoulin circle project in Little Current sometime, and lend your expertise there.