Monday, May 31, 2010


No pictures for this post. On Sunday at church I was given a very faded banner used 25 years ago to celebrate our church's birthday. It was made of felt, and while I am sure it was beautiful at the time, it is not so pretty now.

I was asked to 'refresh' it, as our church is now celebrating 175 years in existance at the end of June. His idea of refreshing it was to remove the crest off the background and put it onto a new one. And that would have worked, but certainly wouldn't have looked the greatest. But much simpler than what I decided to do.

Yesterday I went online and found a small picture of the crest. It is the blue one, on the right hand side of the page, with the crown at the top of it. I then spent stolen minutes throughout the day drafting up a new pattern for the banner. In the evening I picked out material, fused and ironed. Today I did some further embellishing and sewing.

Tomorrow it should be ready to be quilted, and I would like to have it done by Sunday. As soon as it is done, I will post the picture of the old one and my new art quilt. Which of course will be given to the church.


Christine said...

That sounds awesome Jackie!
Community service is so rewarding isn't it!?!

I will never forget you making the quilt for the skating club. Hours and hours of your time put out for it.

Linda said...

They knew who to ask didn't they? Good for you Jackie! Nice to carry on the tradition of the old one - especially in this anniversary year.

C said...

You are awesome, Jackie!! XOXO