Monday, April 12, 2010

Lutrador Testing

I am a tester for a big publishing company. They publish quilt books, craft books etc. I take new products that they want to release and have to create something fun with them.

The latest one is Lutrador, but not the stuff you can get on the market now. This is a newly designed lighter type. Lutrador has been around forever, but only just discovered for its fun crafty ability. It is used in shipping. It is a strong lightweight see through type fabric. The fun thing about it is that it can be painted on, printed on, stamped on, burned, sewn, and is still completely strong.

I had 2 days to come up with something to mail back to show what a great product it was. The reason the turnaround was so short, is they mail the sample from the States and by the time I get it, the deadline is just around the corner when you take into account mailing it back.

I couldn't think up a single unique thing to do. The only fabric paints I had were blue and green, so I painted the whole thing those colours to try and inspire me, and it worked. I thought about 3D flowers. I know, everything has to have some element of 3D when it comes to me and art quilting. Anyway, I tried it and it worked beautifully. But a blue and green flower? No, not so pretty.

Luckily I was heading to the nearest city which was 2 hours away the next day. There I bought some cheap paint and repainted the cloth again. I was a bit nervous using non fabric paint, but I didn't have a choice. I was running out of time.

Here is the final product, and I am quite pleased with it. Hopefully they will be too.


C said...

You always impress me, Jackie! You are so talented and so creative.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

You're so creative! This is really neat!
Is your first article out yet?

Linda said...

Very interesting stuff - especially for an artsy quilter like you! Good job eh?