Monday, February 1, 2010

A View While I Wait

Apparently, according to my friend Terry's blog, today is the day you show the view from your workspace. This is a side view of what I see when I look out. And I can hardly wait to be back in that pool.

I checked the mail today, nothing yet from the Canadian Quilting Association to let me know whether my quilt(s) got accepted or not. On one hand, with the not knowing there is still hope. But I really, really want to know.

I continued to put on more buttons. I have finished the yellow ones! That is exciting. Now am onto the orange ones, this colour is the smallest area so am hoping it will go quickly. I have it planned to have the buttons done so I can take it to our guild meeting in March. Now I don't know if I will add more embellishing to the outer border before I think it is done. I will wait to see what it looks like when the buttons are done and go from there.

On with the orange!

1 comment:

TerryLynnJohnson said...

the suspense is going to kill me. How long does it usually take?