Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guild Challenge

In 2 weeks we have to bring in our table toppers that we have made for the challenge. I still have to quilt this one. I have 3 to enter. One is done and I will post that soon.

We had to stick our hand in a bag and pull out a small bag of fabric and we were to use that for our table toppers. These toppers are then being judged, prizes given, and sent to the CQA Quilt Canada conference to be given to the delegates. Yes, the same conference my quilts didn't get into.

About that, I have received some wonderful feedback. Thank you! And realize that my black Perseverance, didn't have a good enough picture showing the quilting. My fault. A good lesson learned.

I have licked my wounds and found a wonderful saying that I think is perfect to post today:

Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.
-- Denis Waitley

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Susan Being Snippy said...

This is a wonderfull little quilt! it is interesting and the piecing looks to have been a challenge -- I'd vote for it!!