Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hunting Season

If you have never witnessed deer season on our island, you really should. Even if you are not a hunter. It is an experience. Most businesses close down for 1-5 days. Really! For example, if you are building a house, waiting to move in, and the only thing left is the plumbing and deer season hits, you will wait for the following week. People really don't care, they are used to it. And the suppers put on by churches are terrific. You could literally not cook the whole week and just drive around the island to each town.

Now as for the hunters, anyone wearing an orange hat is telling you they are a hunter. And they want you to ask them if they have seen one, shot one or heard one. And do ask, what other possible reason would they be wearing a blaze orange hat in public, if not for getting your attention.

And no, I did not get one yet. And no, I don't wear a blaze orange hat outside of the forest. And yes, I had a 15 minute conversation with a wolf on opening day of rifle season. It would not run away from me and scared all the deer away. And no, despite every male asking why I didn't shoot it, I didn't. One, I wasn't sure if it was legal. (I do have 2 friends who are MNR officers) Two, I thought it may scare the deer away, and three it meant as soon as I fire my gun, my brother assumes I got a deer and leaves his hunting spot to come and help me.

And yes, I could have fired today, should have fired today but did not fire today, but did see four deer. Two of them were close enough to say good morning to, one of them was in my cross hairs, but only his head, so wasn't sure I could have made that shot.

Yes, I am going out again.

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C said...

Wow! Funny...I was JUST about to write a post about hunting season on the Island!!!

The hunters who hunt on our property got a couple of five pointers. I was telling my friend's mom and she said, "Oh, I just shot me an eight pointer!" LOL!

It seems to me that the deer aren't as out there like they were the past few years. I know we've had problems with wolves and coy dogs on this part of the Island. Not sure about where you are though.