Saturday, October 3, 2009


I love fondant icing. If you have never used it, think of playdough for cakes. I did some research and it seemed to show that the traditional fondant wasn't as tasty as the marshmallow one. So of course I used the one with marshmallows.

You know how you can read the directions and it seems so simple and should turn out exactly like the video you just watched, but then it never does? Well, that didn't happen. The recipe was super simple and I just rolled it out and dropped it on the cake, smoothed it out and cut out shapes, coloured it and had a blast. And I love how it turned out. This particular cake was for a 3 year old birthday party and the little girl loves horses.

I will definitely be using fondant for all my birthday and celebratory cakes in the future.

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C said...

LOVE IT!!! Will you be posting the fondant recipe? Actually, I probably won't be that ambitious! ;) Have you ever seen the show Ace of Cakes? They've got all these AMAZING decorative cakes...and, ohhhhhh the fondant!!! Gorgeous!!