Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back From Festival

It is not the giant Quilt Festival Houston, but it was amazing! We are back from Creative Festival in Toronto and what a time. The market was fantastic. We spent 5 hours going from booth to booth, in quilting, sewing, knitting, and machines. It was mind boggling. I have so much to show you. And I even saw the Quilt of Belonging in real life! Now that you have to see.

The next day we hit Queen Street, fashion and fabric district. I have heard about this place for years and it was amazing.

I bought this knit down there and it not only is my very favourite design in the world, but the price was terrific. So of course I had to sew it up today. I have 2 more tops to sew and a funky blazer.

There is so much more to share over the next few days, but I will leave you with this little story. The shops on Queen Street are literally piled from ceiling to floor with fabric. Often they have the bolt on the 7' cardboard tubes all standing up together. I was in one such store and found some fabric so carefully removed a bolt from this gathering. Well, if they didn't start to lean....soon 6 fell over. No big deal I righted them back to position, but that caused the row of 15 to fall. I was still pretty calm at this point and was trying to get them to stand up, when the end of the row fell, and that was about 5 more, then the other end fell, and the middle went as well. By now, my face is flaming red and there are about 30 of these massive bolts around me. I did contemplate just casually running from the store, but I really wanted this fabric. My friend had seen what was happening and totally ditched me. I was in near hysterical laughter by now, and thankfully the sales lady was super nice and rescued me.


C said...

Oooooh! So glad you had a blast! Queen Street is amazing! When I lived in Toronto, I used to LOVE going shopping and restaurant hopping on Queen Street! Sooooo fashionable and funky!

Next time you're on Queen St, you've got to try Tiger Lily Cafe for some YUMMY food! It's across from the Queen Mother.

Eliza-Linda said...

What a laugh riot Jackie! You must have been red - LOL Fun!