Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wallet #2

I had previously posted a wallet I made but after using it, I decided I wanted a smaller one. Probably because that is what I have used before and I like to be able to shove it into my pocket when I go out. It is rare that I bring a purse. This is my first attempt at a smaller one. It is great until I put the credit cards in, and then it didn't fold in half nicely. My second attempt I put the closure on the wrong side, so it would be great for a left handed person I think. I have a third one ready to be stitched up. I have left room I believe, for it to close properly, and I never know if I got it all positioned correctly till I flip it.

If I did, I will post it in the next day or so, if not... then you know I am busy making wallet #4.

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