Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beautiful Belts

I decided to make belts. Fabric ones using my lovely designer fabric. They were quite simple to make and have a good thick feel to them. I used different inside stuff for each one.

The first belt is totally gorgeous due to the fabric. I used D rings on this one and a slider on the other. The D rings seem to have a better hold, but it may be because the only slider I had was a cheap plastic one. I like the look of the slider better, but not if my pants are going to slide right off me!

The second and third belts are the same belt. It is a reversible one. It is always tough for me when making something for the first time. Especially without a pattern. A good seamstress would use old scrappy fabric to see if it turns out, then use their good fabric. Not me. My theory is this, why would I waste all that time, when I could have made a good one the first time? Don't bother telling me the argument, I already know it. Needless to say, these are my first timers. Yes, I would do the reversible one differently next time, but I still love it.

I did notice when others displayed belts on the internet, they were actually wearing them on a pair of jeans with a white fitted t shirt. That would have been nice to do, except there was a fear that you may not see the belt beneath the big roll of fat hanging over. So I thought this would give you a better picture.


C said...

Those are beautiful!! Oh, and I've been looking for a new belt but haven't found anything I like!! :) Do you have an Etsy shop or do you sell your items at Farmers' Markets?

HAHA! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! So, it's YOUR husband that I see every time I have a break down or some kind of vehicle problem?!? Too funny! What a small world!

*sigh* I think I need a new vehicle, because we end up seeing your Hubby wayyyyy too often than I'd like! ;)

C said...

I LOVE the fabric for the first belt! I also love the fact that belts 2 and 3 are reversable. Why do you have to make such nice things?!?! So hard to choose from! LOL!

If you'd like to get in touch outside the blogosphere, my e-mail is christine at islandesl dot com :)

C said...

Gah! *reversible*!! I hate it when I make typos!!!