Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Current Art Quilt Dilemma

I dreamt it would happen, I waited for it to happen, I planned for it to happen, I was not ready when it happened. One of my quilts was hanging in our guild booth at a senior convention and a man approached the member with his business card and said to please give it to the owner of the art quilt as he wanted to purchase it.

I have contacted the individual and a price has been thrown out there, and now I am stuck. There is no way the price compares to the hours I sat beading the oak leaves in front of the tv. Or the time I spent designing it, or dyeing the fabric. But I do realize you never get paid for the love you put into a quilt.

Oh, I should mention it is my fall leaf quilt that won the president's challenge. Scroll back a bit if you don't remember.

I want to sell my quilts. I want to teach techniques. I want to contribute to our family income in a way I enjoy. But can I sell it now? I should also mention, I have stored it away as I have no where to hang it.


Anonymous said...

how many chai lattes will the sale buy?? that is what you have to think of!! :)

Gina Delorenzi said...

Jackie, if your stomach is telling you you made a mistake, take some time to reflect. If this person really wants the quilt and if he will be the right owner for it, he should be able to wait until you are sure. If you change your mind, he could be upset, he could ask to see something else similar, he could commission something, perhaps smaller in size. If he gets angry, and you give in, then it' s never going to make you feel right inside that he has your work of art. Gina Delorenzi