Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kamloops is here

My friends arrived yesterday from BC. How nice to have friends from my life back there visit me. They came out when my youngest was just 3 weeks old and I was very tired. I am still tired, but my kids are older=)

I dropped in on a farmer's market today in another town, and there was barely any vendors and barely any visitors. Now I am getting nervous to attend one as a vendor. I am getting terrific ideas from people though. One friend reminded me that it was alot of the 'grey crowd'. After a minute I figured that one out. She also suggested tea cosys as an item. I had to google what a tea cosy was! And my mom said they always sold at her church bazaars. I will look for a free pattern online.

Okay, I had told you about etsy and the great fabric prices, but I have now found a great Canadian online store. It is called Pink Panda Fabrics. And till June 30th, if you place an order, any order, you get a free fat quarter. And a little tip, if you keep it 2 yards or under than shipping is only $2.75 in Canada. If you go more than the postage jumps to $9.00. They have good designer names for fabric and the prices range per yrd from $6.50 to about $8.50. I ordered their 6 fat quarter bundle and with shipping and tax it came to $17.81, and remember I also get a free fat quarter with that... so 7 fat quarters for that price! Check it out! (thanks for the tip, serger queen) If you do order, put in the message box that I told you.


Cheryl @ Pink Panda Fabrics said...

Thanks for mentioning my shop! Does this mean I am part of the "grey crowd" because I attend Farmer's Markets? Hahah!

Unfortunately the shipping rates are what they are. Canada Post shipping works well if you buy in larger quanities. For example if you bought anywhere from 4-10 yards it would only cost $10.55 for shipping :)

Good luck with the tea cosy making! I too had to go and look that up -- found some made with Amy Butler's Lotus Collection fabrics and they look really nice.

Anonymous said...

ummm - a fat quarter - how does that measure to licorice????? how fat is this quarter??