Friday, May 15, 2009

Try and Try Again

I gave it another shot and made another jacket. I like this one better. And then I made another one... I like it too, be sure to post if you like them. I am now on my 4th one.
Went to sudbury Thursday night and only went to the fabric store and Valu village. But made some great finds. I actually got a belt that matches the pink and white circle fabric. Material $3.00/m is just too good to pass up. That is the cost of the 2 jackets pictured here. I think I will make matching purses, but need to find some nice wooden or plastic purse handles first. Without spending too much money on them.

Oh, and my first jacket, my mom loved it and I think is going to shorten the sleeves and it made the perfect birthday gift for her. It is in June and I sent her home with it and then when I made the pink one, she did like it better, too bad! But be sure to compliment her on it when you see her=)


Anonymous said...

I like the pink one, though I don't even like pink. But it's much better than the clown one. I couldn't figure out what to say about the clown one other than "whoa!"

Anonymous said...

Gracious, how do you find time to churn out 3 jackets. Is that a zipper closure? Are you giving up quilts for jackets? MT