Sunday, April 12, 2009

Running Outside

Yep, that is no typo! I ran outside. It had been five days since I had last ran... we were busy in the evenings, hubby was going in early for work, so no time. After the 3rd day, I refused to shower till I ran, so by the 5th day, well, you catch my drift.

I got up and went out first thing in the morning. I decided to go thru town and then hit the highway. I looked at my watch as I finished going through town thinking abou 6 or 7 minutes had passed, and 16 minutes had passed! I was so frustrated, I definitely was thinking running was for the birds! At that point I was contemplating, when is it called quitting or just being smart and realizing you are not a runner? But my guilt and perhaps perseverance kicked in and I continued.

I decided to run for 30 minutes, turn around and go back. So I did, then immediately jumped in my vehicle and hoped that the distance wasn't so little that I would be discouraged. And it was perfect, I ran 8 km in 1 hour, the exact same time I ran on my treadmill! I was ecstatic, because it really felt like I was running a lot slower than the treadmill... but it could be that on the treadmill, I never think about a pace, as it is always set for me. I do like the not having to think part.

And today was Easter, I ate so much it was ridiculous. We hosted a brunch and Easter egg hunt for 11 children and 16 adults... yep 27 in the house. And it was easy, no big messes, no yelling... quite uncanny actually. And the best part, I forgot to serve my chocolate trifle, so guess what I have to eat with my coffee tomorrow morning?

And my friend and I still have 2 weeks left to lose those 5 lbs we decided on about a month ago. (mine was 7, I just told her it was only 5) I had , and notice I say had lost a few of them, but not so sure after this weekend. We shall see=)

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TerryLynnJohnson said...

Way to go Jackie! Face it girl, you're a runner!