Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Done, It's Big and I am Happy

Well, doesn't that make you think? I finished the president's challenge quilt last nite at 8:20 pm. Hung it up, took a few pics and took it down. I wish now I had logged all the hours I put on it, just for my own curiousity. Anyway, it was alot! And I can't even post a pic of it, as a few members of our guild read my blog, well, they say they do, and it is supposed to be a surprise in May. All I will show you is a little butterfly that is a part of my quilt! HAHA

What a satisfying day it was. I had a lovely massage, and my therapist, massage that is, said he would give me complimentary acupuncture next week to try and get rid of my shoulder problem. That is very exciting as I have never had acupuncture before.

I checked out the CQA website again, as neither my friend nor I have heard. And the website stated, "acceptance notifications will be done by Feb 20, 2009". So does that mean only those accepted will hear now? In the past, yes, I have been rejected before, I received my letter by the date given. So this is puzzling.

Regardless, time will tell.

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