Thursday, February 5, 2009

Colour My World

Nothing can be inspiring as colour for a quilter. These gems came in the mail the other day from my dear friend in BC. They were bought at Dianne Janssen's store. Which I believe is my favourite quilt store in the whole world. My mother who is a much more traditional quilter than I am, was taken with the fabric as well. I am very excited to use it in an art quilt. I have 4 projects on the go, 2 due in May and 2 due in March, so this will wait. But in the meantime, it will give me time to get out my sketch pad in the evenings and design a new quilt.

I showed my mom my pres challenge quilt, that I am working on and she was shocked to say the least. Shocked as it is so wild, or she didn't think I could do work like that, or that it was so original? Who knows, I didn't ask=)

Life is good when you can relax and quilt and that nothing is so bad that you can't focus on fun. I am blessed!

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