Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can Winter Please End?

Okay, I try and give each season a fair shake, but some seasons are just being hoggy and not giving their time up. Mr. Winter, your time is up! Please leave and bring on Mrs. Spring. I am so sick of the snow and the snow pants and the mitts and the hats and everything else I have to put on. I want my sandals and hat and head out the door.

Today was fun, went to the church rummage sale and got to browse while my kids browsed for toys and we spent $5 and got a whole whack of stuff, that kept everyone happy for the rest of the day. I will probably take them back tomorrow, if Mr. Winter decides to bring on this horrible storm, as we won't be able to play outside and we only live 3 blocks from the church. Plus the inlaws are next door, so can probably squeeze a meal or at least a good snack out of them.

Worked out tonite with friends. It was more fun than working out by myself, not sure if the workout was as intense as I wasn't thinking the whole time, "get this thing done".

I am supposed to be training for a 10 km race the beginning of May, not really looking forward to that. Seems like a lot of planning, training, and hard on my already aching knees. But I will give it a try and see if I survive it. Then probably retire from that sport and find a new sport. Like to see how many chocolate bars you can eat without getting sick in one week. It would be an endurance sport... over a week. And not the crap chocolate, but the 85% cocoa chocolate. If you are going to do a sport, you should have the right equipment and take it seriously. I could probably find a few people to participate in this with me.

Or I could try the 'how long can you not exercise for' sport. This is a real test of an athlete. How many days can you not do any physical exercise. I will probably try this one immediately following the 10 km race. It may last all summer and if I am feeling like really mixing things up, I may combine it with the 'see how many chocolate bars you can eat in one week' sport. But let's not get carried away, I will have to focus on the blasted 10 km run for the next 8 weeks.

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Shiny Green Penny said...

I like your new sports initiatives....I bet we could convince it IOC to consider adding them!

And suck it up about the running and just do it!